PM Modi's unveiling of  "Statue of Unity"...

The Statue of Unity is worked in commitment to Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who filled in as the principal home pastor of free India. At 182 meter, the statue is 23 meters taller than China's Spring Temple Buddha statue and twofold the tallness of the Statue of Liberty (93 meters tall) in the US.

Statue of Unity
Statue of Unity

In the memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India, the 'Statue of Unity' has been built in Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveils this statue in Narmada district today There are many such specialties in this idol that have never been seen before in the world. It is the tallest statue in the world, its height is 182 meters. It is a unique example of engineering, as the statue looks great. Let us know things that will make the whole nation proud.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was born on October 31, 1875, in Nadiad, Gujarat. He was born in a landlord family of Levi Patti caste. He was the fourth child of his father Zaverbhai Patel and mother Ladabai. Sardar Patel studied at primary school and high school at Petlad in Karamdas, but he earned most of his knowledge from Swadhyaya. They got married at the age of 16. At the age of 22, he passed the matriculation examination and passed the District Attorney's examination, which allowed him to advocate.

At the top in the world in height

  • What is the mean of 182 meters height? To know this, imagine that if a person's height is 6 feet then this huge statue is 100 times higher than that. Actually, the image itself is 157 meters high and with a height of sculpture the height increases to 182 meters.

In the middle of Narmada, this idol has been constructed in such a way that it can easily catch the fast winds of 180 kmph.

Earthquake no tension

  • Usually, the earthquake of 6 intensity is dangerous. There can also be a loss of personal interest in it. Last year, there were 6.5 earthquakes in Indonesia and Mexico, which killed many people. Although the typical feature of this statue is that it can easily withstand a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in depth of 10 km. Any earthquake anywhere in a distance of 12 km, there will be no impact on this.

In the area around the dam, the base of the statue has been placed higher than the highest flood level recorded in the last 100 years.

Statue of Unity
Statue of Unity

Awesome engineering

  • It will be said to be the best of the engineering that the walking feet and slippers make the statue very thin on the base of the base, which is against the rules adopted in the other sculptures. Due to the point, there is a gap of 6.4 meters between the two leg claws, which is designed to withstand strong winds.

Know, who designed?

  • This wonderful statue has been designed by well-known sculptor Ram Sutar for such a specialty. His workshop is in Noida. Sutar and his son made Sardar Patel's three small clay models - 3 feet, 18 feet and 30 feet high in the workshop. The highest of these three models were selected and enlarged through 3D imaging and then it was made in bronze. Sugar (93) is famous for making statues of Mahatma Gandhi. Not only in India, but the statues made by them have been installed in Russia, England, France, and Italy.

In order to strengthen the stitch's grip, 250-ton mass dumpers have been used in every leg.

5 zones in the statue

It can be understood by dividing the statue into five zones -

Zone 1- There will be a Memorial Garden and a huge museum.
Zone 2- The second part of the statue is up to Thai.
Zone 3- There will be a gallery in this part, where 200 people can stand in a bar and watch the scene. From here, there will be a spectacular view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. This gallery can be reached via the lift.
Zone 4- The part of the statue under the shoulders of the statue comes in the area.
Zone 5- This zone includes part of the head and shoulders, as far as the visitors cannot reach

To see Patel, the money will be taken ... These are the ticket rates

The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is going to create history for its height, but the higher its height, the higher its ticket rate. Inauguration of the highest statue of the world, PM Modi is going to be inaugurated on Wednesday, after which the common man can reach this idol. So, know how much its ticket is ...

Statue of Unity
Statue of Unity

  • Actually, the idol has two elevators, which goes to Murthy till Sardar Patel's chest and from there the view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam and the gallery are found. However, visiting the View Gallery and looking at the eyes, the common man can fall heavily on the pocket.
  • If you also want to see this historic statue, then you can book online through online. You can also go to and book the ticket too.
  • Now tell you what the ticket is here and what will be given the tickets. Let us know that two categories of tickets have been created, which includes a gallery and a non-gallery ticket.
  • If you want to go to the gallery, museum and the valley of flower, then you will have to take a look at the full sight, then you will have to take a ticket of 350 rupees from three years of age to the children and give 30 rupees for the bus. That is, the cost of a man will be 380 rupees.
  • If you do not want to go to a gallery (which is built near Sardar Patel's chest at a height of 142 meters), then they will get 60 rupees for children of 3 to 15 years and for the people above 15 years, take a ticket of 120 rupees. Will be The bus's 30 rupees are different.
Statue of Unity
Statue of Unity

9 big things

  1. Inauguration of Sardar Patel statue in the grand ceremony held in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  2. The 153 meters tall Buddha statue of the Spring Temple located in China was the record of being the tallest statue ever. But the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel has now left the statue in China in second place. The size of the 182-meter high 'Statue of Unity' is twice the size of New York's 93-meter high 'Statue of Liberty'.
  3. Statue maker Larsen & Toubro claimed that the Statue of Unity is the world's tallest statue and only 33 months of records have been prepared in less time. China took 11 years to build Buddha statue of Spring Temple. According to the company, the statue is almost twice as high as the Statue of Liberty located in New York.
  4. The total weight of the Statue of Unity is 1700 tonnes and the height is 522 ft, which is 182 meters. The image itself is unique. The height of its feet is 80 ft, the height of the arm is 70 ft, the height of the shoulder height is 140 and the height of the face is 70 ft.
  5. This idol of Sardar Patel is under the supervision of Ram V. Sutar. Ram V. Sutar was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the government in 2016. Prior to this, he has been awarded Padmashree in the year 1999. Apart from this, he has also been honored with, other awards, including Life Art Achievement of the Bombay Art Society. He is also preparing the design, of the statue of Shivaji in the sea of Mumbai these days. The Maharashtra government says that the statue will leave behind the Statue of Unity and the world's tallest statue.
  6. The cost of Sardar Patel's worth was about Rs 2,989 crore. According to the company, except for the task of laying bronze, the rest is completed in the country. This statue is located at a distance of 3.5 kilometers from the Sardar Sarovar dam on the river Narmada. The company said that the construction of the rafts actually started on December 19, 2015, and it was completed in 33 months.
  7.  The foundation stone of this memorial was laid on October 31, 2013, at Patel's 138th anniversary, when PM Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. For this, the campaign of collecting iron in the country was also organized by the BJP.
  8.  1,347 crore was spent in constructing the main statue of Sardar Patel, while Rs 235 crore was spent on exhibition halls and auditorium centers. At the same time, 657 crores will be spent on the maintenance of the structure for the next 15 years after completion of the construction work. 83 crore rupees spent on the construction of the bridge
  9. There have been allegations and counter-allegations in the BJP and Congress regarding this statue of Sardar Patel. Congress President Rahul Gandhi had told Patel's statue as Made in China, then BJP National President Amit Shah had also targeted him. Amit Shah had said that at such a time when India was uniting and paying homage to Sardar Patel by constructing a grand 'Statue of Unity', the Congress President is busy spreading false rumors about the project, which is totally embarrassing.


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