How To Send Gmail Mail 

How to send Gmail mail, You can send email from Direct Mail through your Gmail account. If you don't mind know that Google forces strict cutoff points on the measure of how to send Gmail mail you can send through your Gmail account. 

Here's how to send email through your Gmail account: 

Presently, when you send a message, select your Gmail account from the "Send Using" popup menu. 

How To Send Gmail Mail

How To Send Gmail Mail

Email is an extraordinary method for speaking with loved ones at the bit of a catch, regardless of where on the planet you are 

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Peruse on to learn

  • How to start making another email 
  • Where to add beneficiaries to your email 
  • Where to include your title 
  • How to send your email or spare it as a draft, for some other time 

The accompanying steps show you how to send Gmail email utilizing a Gmail account. However, many email accounts or applications pursue a comparable procedure for making and sending another message. 

You'll require: 

  1. A PC with dynamic web association 
  2. An email account set up and prepared to send and get emails. 
  3. Adhere to these step-by-step guidelines to send an email 

Step 1

Log in to your Gmail account with the goal that you are on the dashboard (fundamental page) of your mail account. 

Step 2

Click Compose. 

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail


Step 3

Another clear email window will open up. In the 'To' box, type in the email address of the beneficiary. 

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

Step 4

You should need to incorporate another person in your email to 'keep them on the up and up'. You can do this by clicking Cc or Bcc, which will open another field. 'Cc' signifies 'duplicate' and 'Bcc' signifies 'dazzle duplicate'. Adding an email address to the 'Cc' field implies that that individual will get a duplicate of the email and the various beneficiaries will see their email address. On the off chance that an email address is put into the 'Bcc' field, the individual will get a duplicate of the email yet no other beneficiary will see that address. 

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How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

On the off chance that you are sending a similar email to heaps of various individuals, it's a smart thought to put all the email addresses in the 'Bcc' field to keep your 'mailing list' classified. That way, there's zero chance that it could fall under the control of a spammer or programmer. 

Step 5

The subject field enables you to give the beneficiary a thought of the point of your email, similar to a heading. You don't need to place anything in the subject box, yet it can help when survey and arranging email. 

Step 6: 

Email content can be arranged comparably to content in a word record. You can change the textual style, shading, and size utilizing the organizing symbols. You can likewise make visual cues and check the spelling of your email. Pick your organizing from the menu shown. 

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

Step 7: 

Type your message in the fundamental body field of your email. 

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

You can design your email utilizing the alternatives that are accessible on the toolbar. To include a connection in the body of your email click on the embed interface symbol, at that point include the 'Content to show' and afterward a web or email address, at last click OK.

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

Step 8:

When you're content with your email, click the blue Send catch at the base of the make window. 

How to send Gmail mail
How to send Gmail mail

Step 9: 

The email you've sent will presently be put away in the 'Sent Mail' organizer on your Gmail dashboard. You may need to run your mouse pointer over the Inbox envelope connect to see alternate organizers. 

Step 10: 

You may begin an email however then choose to return to it later rather than sending it straight away. Gmail spares your drafts naturally. So you can essentially close the email and the incomplete email will be spared to your 'Drafts' organizer. When you conclude that you're prepared to send it, you can recover it from the 'Drafts' envelope by clicking Drafts and after that clicking the right thing in the 'Drafts' organizer list. Completion the email and click Send as typical. 


Gmail right now enables close to 100 emails to be sent every hour, and close to 500 emails for every 24 hour time span (as of March 14, 2013). On the off chance that you have to send more than that, it would be ideal if you attempt our e3 Delivery Service for a quicker, less demanding approach to convey your email. 

Two-Step Authentication 

On the off chance that you have two-step validation empowered for your Google account, you should create an application explicit secret key for use with Direct Mail. You can create an application explicit secret phrase by marking into your Google and adhering to their directions. When you have the application explicit secret key, enter it into Direct Mail's SMTP settings.
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